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Since 1907, Stolab have been manufacturing wooden furniture by hand at the exact same location in the little village of Smålandstenar. Their iconic simplistic designs have been a staple of Swedish homes for over 100 years. 

Before the launch of their first product, the founder spent a decade perfecting its quality and comfort to last a lifetime. Their motto 'nature meets art' is a true testament to their products. Made in Gothenburg.

Based in the deep dark forest of Småland and famous for their sleek designs, Lintex are a world leader in writable and pinnacle boards and accessories.  


A timeless Swedish icon since 1949. Their immensely adaptable, stylish and easy to install ranges can be configured and reconfigured time and time again to grow with its owner.

London based Swedish-American photographer and life-long world traveller who showcases a unique view of the world through his lens.  

Founded in 2012 in Gothenburg, their products are the epitome of Scandinavian simplicity. High quality, excellent craftsmanship and a timeless colour palette.

Independent accessories brand by London based Swedish designer Heed. Luxury leather goods at high street prices.  

Having started producing handmade candles in 1998, this south Swedish brand have risen to become one of the country's largest suppliers of home interior products. 

Taking their inspiration from the clean lines of nature, their heritage and Swedish manufacturing to create beautiful accessories for your favourite space. 

The brainchild of graphic designer Sofia Leanders who creates beautiful and playful designs from a majestic old school building in central Sweden.

More exciting brands coming soon...

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